“Yung Rich Nation” Migos


Yung Rich Nation Album Review

Atlantic Records

Released July 13, 2015

Genre: Hip-Hop, Triplet Rap

To say that Migos are an important rap group in 2015 is an understatement. Everybody wants to either borrow their signature triplet-based flow or borrow the group for a feature. In short: all eyes in the rap world are on Migos. All of this pressure would inspire them to deliver more fun and ignorant tracks, right? On Yung Rich Nation, we definitely get the ignorant, but the “fun” slips by the wayside.

It’s 15 tracks of the same braggadocios rap that people want, but there’s very little variation. From the surprisingly bare beats to the flows, Yung Rich Nation is more predictable than the ending to Pixels. Even on the song “Migos Origin,” Quavo, Offset and Takeoff don’t even delve into how they got together or anything “Origin-worthy,” rather just how lavish their lifestyle is currently. “Highway 85” sports different flows, which is nice, but that’s one track out of 15.

Yung Rich Nation is less than what you’d expect: the turn-up tracks aren’t even interesting enough to oversee the boring lyrical content that borders on obscenity (“You the bomb, I’mma call you Saddam). There aren’t even any standout beats. Save your turning up for Dirty Sprite 2.

FAV TRACKS: Highway 85

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Just For Tonight

Score: (3.2/10)

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