“You Sound So Gross Right Now” Noah LeGrand

Noah LeGrand

You Sound So Gross Right Now EP Review


Released August 15, 2016

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Noah LeGrand is a multi-instrumentalist from Denton, Texas (or as trendy magazines call it, the place Jason Lee is making more fun :( ) He delivers mostly upbeat indie rock tunes with a sunny and simple aesthetic that isn’t overly sweet. Although Noah shows a knack for writing catchy melodies, You Sound So Gross Right Now has no diversity between the tracks.

The musical performances are solid throughout, however. The drumming is fantastic, with crisp and well-placed drum rolls on songs like “Dr. Doom.” The guitar solos are mixed well into each song and Noah’s voice is recorded well over the instruments. The vocals are a little pitchy at times, but they are earnest. The glockenspiel on “Lagoon” is a nice touch as well, accentuating the happy melody.

The songs are well-written, but all of them except for the great closing track, “Animals,” are eerily similar structurally. They’re pretty upbeat songs seemingly about relationships in G major. The hooks are stickier than Sour Patch Kids left in the car, but they too are pretty similar sounding. Even though this is only a 5 track affair minus the short intro, the sound gets old after track 3.

If Noah experiments with different tempos and types of melodies, his future output will be bright. But even now, he’s delivered a set of solid bedroom singer-songwriter tracks for the masses.

FAV TRACKS: Dr. Doom, Animal


SCORE: (6.5/10)

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