“Wriggle EP” clipping.

Every few years or so, there’s a Broadway musical that does so well that its notoriety transcends the thespian community and piques the interests of those with differing interests. I personally prefer other art to theater but even I heard the resounding praise of Hamilton. Although the soundtrack was undeniably catchy, it still was far from being my flavor. I do applaud Daveed Diggs for having a significant role in the production while simultaneously cranking out GREAT music with the noise-hop project clipping. Although a more mainstream audience has Daveed’s name on their tongues, clipping. is still just as abrasive and unabashed as ever.

Diggs’ breath control chops are flexed to the utmost ability on the “Intro” with an uzi-like relentlessness. Hard hitting bars about how “ounces and grams are the make of a man” convey cold truths as Diggs raps over nothing but sirens. “Shooter” is a catchy song with off-the-wall fast industrial production, but I don’t like how every bar ends with a battle rap style punchline. It reminds me of when battle rappers get into the studio, all of the coherence is on the flow but the flow wears thin after awhile.

“Back Up” sounds like if dope boy rappers had to rap over industrial beats about the downsides of cocaine slinging. This track is rife with catchy hook and the beat worms its way into your skin. “Wriggle” is the best song on the project with a great Whitehouse sample, dope beat transitions and stronger-than-Lesner hooks. Diggs channels Outkast with his flow but remains recognizable despite the influence. The most amazing attribute of this track is even though it’s a dark song with a tortured sounding beat, it makes you wanna dance. The last two songs are fine but the beat and the flows don’t intertwine smoothly.

Clipping. proves once again that they are titans in the realm of modern industrial rap and no amount of mainstream connection will adulterate the passion for the craft.


FAV TRACKS: Back Up, Wriggle


Score: 8.5/10

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