“Wildflower” The Avalanches

The Avalanches

Wildflower Album Review


Released July 8, 2016

Genre: Plunderphonics, Hip Hop, Disco, Electronica, Psychedelia

Plunderphonics and indie music legends, The Avalanches, return with their first record in 16 years: Wildflower. A collection of colorful and tastefully assembled tracks that somewhat showss the the group have been up to for the last sixteen years. While The Avalanches deliver some great tracks, some of their best, they nonetheless leave a lot to be desired.But don’t let that deter you from one of the year’s best records.

At 22 songs, The Avalanches pack in numerous genres into this one mosaic tapestry of samples and a keen sense of groove and melody. “Because I’m Me” ushers in an intoxicating mix of Motown and Hip Hop; “Frankie Sinatra” is a plunderphuck of wild and zany melodies and influences with an even more zany lyrics – it’s the group at their most fun on this record, and with guest spots from Danny Brown and MF Doom, it’s everything but boring. The smooth disco track “Subways” careens and dives with strings and effervescent melodies as it segues into the “Going Home” which segues into the just as colorful “If I Was A Folkstar”.

While the first half of the record shines, the second half fails to register or even excite as most of the tracks nomadically wander about with pretty string arrangements and less-than exciting detours (the last two tracks proving to end this record out on a disappointing note). Regardless, The Avalanches are back again, with a new record, with new tracks; Wildflower may run a bit too long and run out of ideas quick, but it’s back to business for the Australian plunderphonics wonderkids.

FAV TRACKS: Because I’m Me, Frankie Sinatra, Subways, If I Was A Folkstar, The Noisy Eater, Live A Lifetime Love, The Wozard Of Iz

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Stepkids, Saturday Night Inside Out

SCORE: 7.4/10

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