what the hell happened to Pretty Neat Grooves?


As you may have heard, we are back in business with the reviews, interviews, media coverage, news, etc. but, the real question still stands: where were we between the dates of March 9, 2016 and July 22, 2016? We missed a lot, we know, but we will catch up as we catch you up with what happened.

Aside from Pretty Neat Grooves, we finished our first year of college. Michael runs a student radio station at Georgetown University where he is an American Musical Culture major, in Washington D.C, and even helped schedule His Holiness himself Lil’ B The Based God for a concert and an interview. Jon currently attends University of North Texas as a film student, and is covering multiple shows and events around the Denton/Dallas area. He has busied himself working numerous film projects around Denton. Enough about us, back to the website debacle.

As some of you may know, hosting your own website isn’t easy, or cheap. while trying to be as discreet as possible, let’s just say technical difficulties  [domain/hosting cancellations, migration of data to new servers, switching hosting providers, getting money, computer breakdowns, school work/travel, personal struggles, laziness etc. etc.] TL;DR we have moved to a new hosting site and have locked in the payments for prettyneatgrooves.com to be up for the next three years. Now that’s good RIGHT? We will be here until 2019, delivering online news, reviews, interviews, media coverage, etc. well, not exactly; the four months of offline exile brought many questions to mind and shocking realizations followed as well.

What we started here is a passion project of musical discourse and opinionated coverage of music of the independent sensibility. It began with two audiophiles with lots of words to be said about music, and it slowly transformed into a network of writers, musicians, graphic designers, photographers, and you. We couldn’t have done it without everyone involved, and we definitely did not expect the site to grow this big and this comprehensive. With that being said, it is not necessarily what we hope to aspire as a job in the future or a lifelong career.

With us separated at different universities for the next four years or so – falling into different friend groups, habits, daily routines, passions, personal pursuits and daily struggles along with distance, school work, etc. – it’s been hard trying to keep up with Pretty Neat Grooves as much as we would like to. While we do love what we do on this site, we realize that our careers and adulthood are right around the corner which means that, as of now, we are looking at the final three years of Pretty Neat Grooves. (*sobs*) Unless something comes up, we hope to continue on fulfilling this website’s purpose as best as we can. But as of now, we are paying out of pockets to keep it up and sacrificing countless hours reviewing, interviewing, and covering music in all of its essence whether it be live or on vinyl.

We want to thank you for the wild ride this has been these past three years (this September) we’ve had experiences and have met people we will never forget. we hope this isn’t the end, and we hope you will join us for the remainder of this ride.

Support us here, with merch, donations, etc. We greatly appreciate it; every cent goes to keeping this site afloat. Thank You!

Keep It Neat Always,

Jon Birondo & Michael White, Co-Founders of Pretty Neat Grooves

Jon Birondo


Michael White (left)


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