‘We Are Twin EP” WE ARE TWIN


We Are Twin EP Review

A&M/Octone Records

Released August 20,2013

Genre: Indie Pop, Soul

I too was appalled and surprised by the death of Amy Winehouse. The eminent soul/ R&B vocalist’s death was sure to shock many in the wake of the media’s news. However among those waves rose many artists, who brought upon her legacy by imitating her magnificent voice. Maybe it isn’t imitation but inherent ability at the forefront of these artists, but it sure does begin to feel nostalgic…and appealing now that Winehouse has passed. Singers, like Gabi Christine encompass that nostalgic, passionate and buoyant enigmatic spell that has captured many.

WE ARE TWIN are a pop/ rock/ soul duo composed of Germany-raised Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicolas Balachandran and New York-born singer songwriter Gabi Christine. The two create a catchy blend of pop rock with electronic production and soulful, passionate vocals. What they serve up on the EP is incredibly fresh, memorable and natural.

With the incredibly, persistent tune “The Way We Touch”, the band clearly exhibit their strengths: electronic synth intro, soulful, passionate vocals from Christine, dance ready drums and a bass groove that grinds along the track. It’s a smart tune and the band is conscious of their strengths here, never hesitating to bring in some synths or a tambourine even, an ambitious move for a band still formulating their style. “If we are a match / I’d give you everything I longed for” Christine sings, and that passionate want and longing slowly becomes a buoyant hymn of need and accomplishment. The bass continues to take control on “Keep On Lovin’ You” and here Christine sounds so much like Winehouse it’s not even funny. It’s a great fusion of soul, pop and rock and the electronic aesthetics give it a certain flair that will appeal to anyone.

“True Love” slows down and really lingers longer than it should. However, Christine’s vocals shine, even through the rough moments. They recover on “Cold Stone Lips”, really bringing their pop strength and it pays off well, but like all pop music it gets repetitive. They then get adventurous and eclectic with “Don’t Tell Your Parents”, “I wanna go out tonight” she croons as an acoustic guitar, patiently creeping synths and a piano give this track an alluring atmosphere, one might find in a movie scene where the boy is asking the girl to prom. It’s nostalgic at best, yet it seems new and again, natural.

The band really deliver a great preview at what to expect from them in the future. They do tend to stray away from their strengths but ultimately it’s 3 against 2 (tracks), the pros outweigh the cons, and in the end they stand apart from the rest. Just a tad ahead of their inspirations in style, scope and brilliance, WE ARE TWIN latch onto you.

FAV TRACKS: The Way We Touch, Keep On Lovin’ You


Score: (7.0/10)

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