“U Want The Scoop?” The Garden

The Garden

U Want The Scoop? EP Review

Epitaph Records

Released March 3, 2017

Genre: “Vada Vada”, Experimental Rock, Indie Punk, Neo-New Wave (?), Electronic Rock (sorta)

The Garden’s eccentric and volatile take on the punk-duo formula has grown from simple, minute-long garage punk tunes (The Life and Times of a Paperclip) to odd, diverse tracks (haha). On this latest EP of theirs, they take a turn for the corny and disoriented – conjuring up dated sounds from the 90s that render this EP an adrift mess. The opener “Clay” opens with one of the most irritating samples I’ve heard all year: a nauseating “chirp” that is more annoying than eccentric. “Make Yer Mark” falls into the successful formula that The Garden has so vehemently curated, but it falters with the synth tone that they use which, again, sounds more dated than eccentric.

The duo’s odd humor is still present, such as on “Have A Good Day Sir”; the band’s spoken-word anecdotes here are strangely humorous. However, the song is rather repetitive and goes nowhere, overstaying its welcome of over three minutes. “All Access” follows suit with “Clay” where a corny synth lead covers most of the song, making for an annoying experience. The hook on the final track “U Want The Scoop?” is honestly, not that bad, and it shows a subtle progression in the band’s style – with its fusion of the electronic and punk elements that they have stunningly fused in the past.

But with the 90s text on the EP cover and the majority of the tracks suffering from weak ideas and corny elements, The Garden’s latest EP is a shocking misstep in the exciting musical journey for the California brothers.

FAV TRACK: Make Yer Mark

LEAST FAV TRACK: Clay, All Access

SCORE: 4.0/10

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