The Most Unfortunate Coachella 2014 Conflicts

The iconic desert festival in Indio, California is at it again this weekend, boasting a very diverse lineup with  artists ranging from Krewella to Title Fight to The Dismemberment Plan. While there are many artists there this weekend, you can’t see them all. To help, or entertain, here are the top  performance conflicts that disappointed us the most. As sad as it is, you can’t have it all!
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Additionally, COACHELLA WILL LIVE STREAM BOTH FESTIVAL WEEKENDS FOR FIRST TIME EVER. Check Coachella’s website for set times



The Knife or Zedd?

Zedd‘s reign in the world of EDM will go on for years, but the chances of The Knife returning to the US are very, very small, given their very, very high standards and irregular concert schedule. Complete with costumes, acrobatics and crazy stage presence, take the opportunity and watch The Knife.

Watch “Full of Fire” By The Knife

A$AP Ferg or Title Fight?

This one is totally contingent on the attendee of the festival. If you like hip-hop, getting ig’nant, or great, wrist-cranking beats, then A$AP Ferg is a no-brainer. Expect a crowd that’s turned up to AT LEAST 11. However, if you have a longing for great 90’s alt-rock or hyper-melodic hardcore punk, Title Fight is a phenomenal band that you should definitely check out. If the stage has no barriers, expect a crowd that will spend more time diving off the stage than anything else.

Watch “Head In The Ceiling Fan” By Title Fight


Bastille or HAIM?

Bastille’s smash hit “Pompeii” will continue to carry the band to pop star stardom, spurring tours and concerts left and right. However, the prominent indie pop trio, HAIM, are now on the rise and their mark on pop culture, if you haven’t been paying attention, has been slowly rising.  Our consensus? Watch Haim, in the end, their hooks are catchier and their stage presence, more fun, and their summery sound will only enhance your Coachella experience.

Watch “Don’t Save Me” By Haim




Muse or Nas or The Dismemberment Plan?

Muse will continue to hit arenas worldwide for the foreseeable future and The Dismemberment Plan can’t revive their glory days, evident by their last effort Uncanny Valley. Our choice? NAS. Iconic, game-changing, and energetic, this is one performance you can’t miss. Who knows? He might perform Illmatic in its entirety.

Watch “The World Is Yours” By Nas

Pharrell or Darkside?

Although we can’t deny the infectious sensation that is “Happy,” Pharrell‘s been around the festival circuit enough that most people have a feel for what his live shows are like. Darkside bring a totally different energy to the table, bringing a moodier aesthetic, drawing the audience in with magical energy (Jon can attest to this after seeing them in Houston a while back). Plus, with Nicolas Jaar DJ’ing again and Dave debuting with a solo EP in May, a collaboration like this is one that you shouldn’t miss.  Definitely need to see these guys.

Watch “Paper Trails” By Darkside


Foster The People, Sleigh Bells, or The Pixies?

We’ll keep this short. We can’t help you too much other than this: You want sugary sweet? Foster The People. You want crazy and rambunctious? Sleigh Bells! You like Pixies? Pixies.

Watch “Where Is My Mind?” By The Pixies

Mogwai or Queens Of The Stone Age?

Let’s face it, both bands rule. Mogwai have heavy, hard hitting crscendos, while Queens Of The Stone Age has their own unique blend of stoner rock/ desert rock. Since Coachella is in the desert, the easy choice may be Josh Homme and crew, but given Mogwai’s prolific history. It’s hard to choose: heavily emotional post rock? Or catchy, rough desert rock? It’s up to you.

Watch “You May Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire” By Queens Of The Stone Age




Disclosure, Arcade Fire or Motörhead?

Ladies and gentlefellas…don’t kid yourselves. You’ve probably seen Arcade Fire at an infinite amount of other festivals in the past, and they WILL be around for a long time. You already know the story, this is true of Motörhead if you’re a metalhead. However, Disclosure is a relatively new animal, and a fantastic “gateway” group for dance music. They make tunes that aren’t run-of-the-mill EDM, instead, borrowing influence from the UK electronic scene. These guys are so good at what they do, they showed the creators of this site dance music in a different light. Dig it.

Watch “You and Me” (featuring Eliza Doolittle) By Disclosure

Beck or Lana Del Rey?

Let’s face it: both are incredibly different yet amazing artists. Beck’s rowdy yet innovative blend of hip hop and folk captivated many in the 90s. Lana Del Rey’s sultry and voluptuous voice takes us back to 1920s chamber pop.  While they do have their pros and cons, in the end, Beck’s longer career in the music world with hits like “Loser” and “Girl” trump those of “Summertime Sadness” and “Video Games”. Sorry Lana, the 90s rule.

Listen to “Loser” By Beck

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