“The Incredible True Story” Logic


The Incredible True Story Album Review

Def Jam Records

Released November 13, 2015

Genre: Rap, Pop Rap

It’s only been a little over a year since Maryland-based rapper Logic dropped his major-label debut, Under Pressure, which was met with mixed reviews. It was not the first rodeo for the young MC, who has dropped a slew of mixtapes during the early part of the 2000s. While his music has never tickled my fancy personally, his freestyles (Sway in the Morning) and his interesting interviews (DJVlad) convinced me to Czech out the newest LP from Logic. While it’s undeniable that he can spit faster and with more passion than a lot of up-and-comers, he doesn’t do enough to stand out stylistically. The Incredible True Story seems very convincing and not out of the ordinary at all.

Instrumentally, Logic’s new album is consistently decent. It’s diverse like many pop rap albums are, either riding trends in trap beats or late 2000s Kanye beats (see “The City of Stars,” very reminiscent of “Flashing Lights”). It has enough personality and pop to propel the rapper. Assisting the modern production is a neat subplot of two pilots on a starship listening to The Incredible True Story, commenting on its “classic” status in the future. One pilot is voiced by the same voice of Tom from Toonami and Spike from Cowboy Bebop, appealing to nostalgia.

Logic may not be as interesting as his background for some listeners. His raps aren’t standout for the most part, save a few quirky lines. For a rapper who has such technical ability, he doesn’t use his ability to articulate words quickly to say too much. It’s a lot of rehashing of “I’m honest” and “I made it” type of songs. “Young Intermission” does feature a great interplay with rapper Big Lenbo, with smart lines referencing Sid Vicious and Joe Pesci.

Logic shows potential, with his ability to hop on various beats and not rap at 2 miles per hour. However, he doesn’t use this ability to stand out, instead sounding like another rapper that pops up on your Facebook newsfeed sometimes as a sponsored post. Better luck next time.

FAV TRACKS: Young Jesus, Intermission

LEAST FAV TRACK: I Am The Greatest

SCORE: (4.5/10)

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