“The Answer” Savages


“The Answer” Track Review

Matador Records

Released October 21, 2015

Genre: Noise Rock, Post-Punk Revival, Dark Wave

Make no mistake: that single cover art is a fist for a reason. London-based post-punk group Savages come back bursting onto the scene with their trademark blend of noise rock and brooding post-punk with a single that is every bit as energetic, urgent, and exciting as their debut album, the stellar Silence Yourself. “The Answer” is, for lack of a better comparison, a frantic horror piece of a song. The drums repeat and encircle the driving bass line that systematically pumps and chugs throughout the song. The noisy and gnashing guitar hisses and squeals happen inconsistently, punctuating vocalist Jenny Beth’s frenetic vocals to a successfully dizzying and transcendent effect. The music video finds the band performing to a chaotic mosh pit, and Savages’ music perfectly encapsulates the energy and feel of pure anarchy – when all hope is lost and darkness is here to stay. “The Answer” is an intense and ambitious listen that only hints at greater things to come.

Like their new album, Adore Life, to be released January 2016.


SCORE: (8.5/10)




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