“The Aberdeen EP” The Perms

The Perms

Aberdeen EP Review

Hugtight Records

Released October 8, 2013

Genre: Alternative Rock, Power Pop

Every few years, or months, a band comes up to bring a fresh wave of alternative rock to the music scene. Some band completely rewrite the rules entirely (Radiohead) and some inject new life into their respected genre (Interpol). What The Perms accomplish on this sixth studio release is not a change in alternative rock, but ultimately a reminder of a time when THAT change meant everything to us. I can still remember the first time I heard Pinkerton; it still lives on in my memory. Now enough of my nostalgic retrospectives, let’s dive into this EP shall we?

For most of the entirety of this EP, all I could think about was Weezer. The iconic power pop band has influenced The Perms greatly, and rightly so; upon scanning The Perms’ discography on iTunes, a common similarity always popped up: these songs are catchy as hell. These songs on The Aberdeen EP, are packed with “wooooaaaaahhhhhssss” (“It’s Mania”) and “early 2000s-pre pubescent” wails (see “Aberdeen”). But each song has a hook, and each song is packed with solid production and practical instrumentation. So no they aren’t changing anything with the genre, but man do they make you take a look back in time.

The track “Walk Away” brings a much harder, edgier sound to the EP, which I liked a lot. The energy encapsulated in the song is sure to tap toes and bang heads but not enough to start a mosh pit at a show. And just like that, the short EP is over, and there isn’t much left to say. The Aberdeen EP is an incredibly safe release, lacking adventurous instrumentation, song structure, or lyricism. But it gets the job done for hardcore fans of this band. For those not familiar with the band, those days of listening to Jimmy Eat World and Weezer in 2005 come back to you, and for that, this listen is rewarding.

FAV TRACKS: Aberdeen, Walk Away


Score: (7.0/10)

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