“Suburban Blues” if, the band

if, the band

Suburban Blues EP Review


Released August 16, 2016

Genre: Indie Rock

Young and talented Dallas, TX indie rock trio if, the band have just released a new EP and it showcases a wide array of influences while also succeeding in showing the strengths this group has to offer. Although five tracks long, the EP is full of bright ideas from noteworthy inspirations executed in a tasteful manner from a surprisingly young group.

The opening track “The Enabler” is a riveting instrumental that sounds like a Kid A – throwaway led by a catchy riff and some noisy atmosphere to add some meat to the track. The title track features some mumbled vocals which can easily be traced back to some influence from Slint’s masterpiece Spiderland. The dynamic between the dissonant guitars and “all-over-the-place” drums evoke Spiderland vibes and complement the sinister vocals perfectly as they all build to a thunderously noisy climax (my personal favorite part of the record). If anything, this goes to show how skilled the trio is at crafting tracks that sound larger than life.

The EP slows down a bit midway as we are treated to a lower dynamic of instrumentation on “For Sure” along with some acoustic tracks to close the album. However, these tracks are not for the coffee shop connoisseur; “For Sure” builds to another noisy climax which changes the pace of a rather humdrum vibe that precedes it. “Up.Down” features some pretty acoustic guitar leads that are admirably composed, but did little to gain my attention and feels oddly placed within the EP. However, the closing track has some interesting electronic drums in the background while also adding some sharp and intoxicating Interpol-esque guitar leads to close off the album on a rather sinister note, the likes I welcomed warmly.

Suburban Blues shows that if, the band listen to plethora of musical acts that they have thoughtfully echoed into their own sound. They’ve also shown an absurd amount of talent at such a young age, and have so much room to grow & create. It also goes to show what you can find in the deep & dark caverns of Bandcamp – where the future of music are starting to make their voice heard, for little to no money at all. My advice? Step away from the radio/Top 40/iTunes list, and find something new to listen. After this particular release, you’ll be glad you did.

FAV TRACKS: The Enabler, Suburban Blues


SCORE: (7.3/10)

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