“Star Roving” Slowdive


“Star Roving” Track Review

Dead Oceans

Released Janaury 12, 2017

Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop

*With the start of the new year, we are going to begin rating our tracks as “YEH, MEH, & NEH”, abandoning the old form of giving tracks a numerical score.*

Seminal shoegazers Slowdive come back with their first single in 22 years; a track that is just as soulful and heart achingly beautiful as their discography suggests. But it isn’t so much as a return, but more of a revisit. Slowdive have not changed their formula too much, and this new track bears the elements and hallmarks necessary to grab the attention of fans to recognize Slowdive are now present in the new millennium. The song begins with a gorgeously hollow yet melodically beautiful chord that is repeated throughout the song, before pulsating drums and ethereal vocals drift into and out of the reverb. it’s by-the-books Slowdive, and should not detract fans expecting simply a comeback from one of the 90s’ critically acclaimed acts. The song’s power, its soft and vulnerable soul, at the heart of the noise and reverb, proves to keep the conversation going and has some gravity to instigate repeated listens.

Slowdive are back, and while this track is not anything stellar, it only provokes discussion of what is to come. In my opinion however, give this a few listens.


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