“SremmLife” Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd

SremmLife Album Review

EarDrummers/Interscope Records

Released January 6, 2015

Genre: Hip Hop, Trap, Pop Rap, Good Times

There’s a time in any music fan’s life where you start to forget about artistic merit, introspective and insightful lyricism, and pure ambition, and just listen just to have a good time. No stylistic synthesis, no existential commentary on everyday life, no big risks; as much as I love these aspects of music there comes a time when I completely disregard it and go absolute bonkers over a memorable hook and a simple yet admirable beat.  I’m not gonna sugar coat any more it so I’ll just say it: SremmLife is one of the most enjoyable records this year and goes to show how music can be so good just because it’s “catchy.”

Almost every single track on this debut, in their own way, is pure unadulterated enjoyment. From near-meme ubiquity (“This Could Be Us”) to cultural references (“Up Like Trump”) to memorable and catchy hooks (“Throw Sum Mo”, “No Type”, “Unlock The Swag”), SremmLife is an exercise in having a good time. No intellectual experience needed, leave your snobby preferences at the door; just turn up and have fun. There’s absolutely nothing admirable about the songwriting, it’s amateurish and ignorant at best, but I dare you to listen to this record and not tell me you had a great time. Because for once in my life, there’s a record that can only be described as catchy, and therefore it’s good.

I’ll admit this is a weak argument, and my opinion in the end won’t matter, but just hear me out and put on the absolutely fun SremmLife, because Rae Sremmurd know what they’re doing and they’re here to, hopefully, stay. SremmLife perfectly captures the spirit and essence of a party, the reckless abandon and stupid tomfoolery that one will probably regret, but will be proud to say they did it. And like any foolish opportunity, you’re either in or you’re out. My advice? Take this album for a spin; it’s an absolute blast.


FAV TRACKS: Lit Like Bic, Unlock The Swag, No Flex Zone, This Could Be Us, Up Like Trump, Throw Sum Mo, YNO, No Type, Safe Sex Pays Checks


SCORE: (7.9/10)

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