“Splendor & Misery” clipping.


Splendor & Misery Album Review

Sub Pop Records

Genre: Space Rap, Noise Rap

Released September 9, 2016

clipping. has had an incredible year so far, with the amazing Wriggle EP starting 2016 off right for the band. However, this new full-length literally takes astronomical leaps into the final frontier. Splendor & Misery is an amazing accomplishment and melding of unlikely styles.

The production is noisy as ever, but it simulates classic movie spaceship noises. This fits the concept of the record perfectly as it tells the story of a runaway space slave who’s getaway ship falls in love with him. The “bleeps” and “boops” that make up the MANY interludes of this album perfectly captures the feeling of being alone in space with nothing but a machine that loves you. Daveed Diggs raps beautiful with a Tommy-gun speed flow over these extraterrestrial beats about obscure sci-fi references, like the work of Samuel R. Delany. African mythology is also referenced on the track, “True Believer.” All of these references combine in an ingenious amalgamation of ideas that explain the futility of the slaves escape into the spatial void.

Even though this is just a 37-minute affair, so much can be said about and in this project that I can’t even put into words yet. This is the most multifaceted project I’ve heard all year, if not the past few years. Highly recommend for anyone wanted to escape into the stars.


FAV TRACKS: The Breach, All Black

LEAST FAV TRACK: Interlude 01

SCORE: (9.0/10)

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