“Sneaking'” Drake

Drake (Ft. 21 Savage

“Sneakin'” Track Review

Ovo Sounds

Released October 23, 2016

Genre: Rap

Before we jump into this review, this is the only track that Drake has released in anticipation of More Life that I even care to talk about. The other songs are awful and he’s beyond corny for going after Cudi’s mental health and Pusha T’s street credibility. “But Michael, you watch battle rap and those guys go for the low blows all the time.” That’s true, but Cudi is public about his battle with depression. It’s an awful look in battle rap to try to attack someone for something that they’re public about. From an ethical standpoint, it’s also awful to say someone’s dramatic for being public about their depression. Nothing else to say.

Drake is back with the hot and fresh struggle bars on this track. The 6 God has peppered this track with egregiously bad bars like “David Blaine last summer you had to vanish.” Aubrey has the audacity to meme like it’s 2007 on a collaboration with one of the hottest rappers in the game (21). This is proof that Drake’s entire career for the past year has been managed by Yes-Men. I’m not just jumping on a hate train;  I’ve enjoyed his music in the past. However, I do feel like between the forced dancehall appropriation (he says “Ting” in this song, too) and these ill-advised beefs, Drake hasn’t been on his game at all.

21 Savage drops another lean-soaked verse about randomly killing everyone. It’s not impressive but he actually sounds intelligible over this decent beat, which is rare for Seven Times Three. His line about being sexually gratified is humorous because it comes out of left field after the first three lines. It can’t save this track, however. Turn that 6 upside down, it’s a…

Score: (4.0 / 10)

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