“Slide (ft. Frank Ocean and Migos)” Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos

“Something Just Like This” Track Review


Released February 24, 2017

Genre: EDM, Pop, Soul

Calvin Harris does not have a knack for making unique EDM. He does however know what to do to stay relevant in mainstream media. By Jove, he’s done it again with the release of this new song, but not for having another explosive chorus that everyone and their kandi masks can dance to. By teaming up with two of the hottest artists out there, Calvin has completely surpassed my expectations  and won me over on this track

Calvin lays down a smooth and summery beat for Frank to croon mid-range over, while the Migos deliver a natural-sounding slightly auto-tuned verse; it’s glitzy but not obnoxious. The signature ad-libs and chemistry are still here from the Migos. Frank, on the other hand, lays ambiguous lyrics that sound totally open ended. The chorus is still emphasized, as it’s Calvin Harris’, but it’s not a forced build-up to a climax. This is a better “slide” than the Goo Goo Dolls’.


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