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Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels 3 Album Review

Run The Jewels, Inc.

Released December 24, 2016

Genre: Rap, Hardcore Hip Hop, Political Hip Hop

Currently one of the hottest acts in hip hop, Run The Jewels return a year later to drop the third installment of their cartoonishly violent and politically charged hip-hop. One can imagine a lot will be said on the political side, considering the current social climate in America surrounding the new ‘President.’ Going into RTJ3, I was worried that I would get 50 minutes of bashing the same unnamed “politician” over and over again. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of topics and sounds that El-P and Killer Mike tackle on this project. Minus a few slightly-too-extra lines, RTJ3 might be the most interesting collaboration between these two emcees yet.

The album kicks off with the song “Down,” which is much less aggressive than the average RTJ track. It’s not terrible but because it subverts the expectation for intensity right off the bat, it’s harder to appreciate. The rapping is honest about not wanting to improve one’s life and not encounter old struggles. Other than the honesty nothing stands out. After that, the album cranks out consistently impassioned and hyped tracks, which is expected from this duo. In summation, every beat is noisy and every bar is hard. Not every bar is GREAT, though. I can only stomach the cartoonishness so much. “You ain’t lived you life ’til you’ve seen a bad b!tch eat your wife like a savage.” I can’t even say I think it’s funny. I just feel like I watched a bad episode of Ren and Stimpy.

Most of the lines on here are not corny, however. All of “2100” is a response to the crazy political climate that we’re in but it balances being vindictive without being too preachy. I don’t want to waste time listing dope bars because you wouldn’t listen to the whole album. One thing I will say is that the Danny Brown feature on “Hey Kids” and the Zach De La Rocha feature are easily in the top 3 best moments on the album. Rest assure, RTJ3 is a great way to tackle 2017.


FAV TRACK: Hey Kids, 2100, A Report To The Shareholders: Kill Your Masters


Score: (8.0/10)

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