"Rock Or Bust" AC/DC


Rock Or Bust Album Review

Albert/Columbia Records

Released December 2, 2014

Genre: Hard Rock

AC/DC is one of the most instantly recognizable bands out there today. The amount of music and influence they’ve produced to the world has been almost omnipresent. Known for their instantly catchy songs, lightning fast riffs, and their numerous  “amp to 11” hits, it’d be almost impossible to be completely unaware of the band known as AC/DC. Their sixteenth studio album Rock Or Bust, shows the band continuing on that path, with little to no change to their bluesy-hard rock formula.

Artists should always improve their sound as albums progress, and sixteen albums in, it’s hard to see that in AC/DC. While consistency is a trademark that has kept AC/DC songs such as 1990’s “Thunderstruck”, 1980s’ “Shoot To Thrill” and “Hell’s Bells” fan favorites, it nonetheless shows that the band has rarely changed their sound. So when some kid in the 80s LOVED “Back In Black”, the usual “catchy riff-simple drums-Angus Young solo here-Brian Johnson shrieking there” formula to an AC/DC song not only kept fans, desperate for another tune like “Back In Black”, wanting more, but it failed to challenge fans to grow with the band, musically. There are the usual catchy hooks (“Play Ball”) and the infectious bass grooves (“Baptism By Fire”, but other than that this is just AC/DC at their typical, and best.

I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE AC/DC. They’re one of my favorite memories from my childhood, and their songs are pure adrenaline rushes. But as an avid music listener, I nonetheless felt a little let down as to how safe AC/DC play their music. With little to no risk put into their sound, AC/DC put out another record that, while offering some kick ass tunes, will inevitably just sit on the shelf as another “usual AC/DC record,” with little to nothing to help it stand out. Fans will like this record, but deep down they’ll be wanting just a little bit more.

FAV TRACKS: Play Ball, Baptism By Fire, Rock The House


Score: (5.6/10)

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