“Revive Me EP” OG Garden

OG Garden

Revive Me EP Review


Released February 14, 2017

Genre: Funk, Soul, Indie Rock, Future Soul

The yOung band OG Garden are coming straight outta Denton, Texas with a fiery smooth soul and indie rock combo. While half of this 4-song output isn’t as lively as the other half, this band shows tremendous potential to create sticky and soulful hooks.

“Hidden Language” kicks off the project with busy guitar work and synth. It’s a bouncy and fun tune that has slightly overbearing keyboard on the verses but slaps unequivocally on the chorus. “Boyfriend” and “Ego” are fun songs that showcase this group’s ability to write creamy hooks that are big enough to fill a large amphitheater, but don’t pop as much as the first track or the last (also the lyrics are a little cringe-inducing, but it seems like this is intentional on “Ego). “Revive Me” is a sultry mid-tempo jam with the coolest chord progression on the bridge. Unpredictable and fun, this is the best song on the album.

OG Garden are another essential band in Denton’s circle of more soulful indie rock bands.

FAV TRACKS: Hidden Language, Revive Me

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Boyfriend, Ego

SCORE: 6.0/10

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