Editor’s Note: On April 25th, a few members of the Pretty Neat Grooves staff, and a friend, had the privilege to attend Edgefest 25 in Frisco, Tx and photograph most of the bands up close in front of the barrier. Here are some pictures we took along with a recap of what happened during the festival. Cheers!

It was a hot and sweaty day for suburban North Texas as a few thousand people crammed into Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, eager to watch a full day’s worth of the most popular bands in modern radio-friendly alternative-rock, rap and even dance. Many diverse artists from Yelawolf to Joywave to Modest Mouse took one of two stages on opposite sides of the stadium to deliver non-stop musical fun. Death Cab For Cutie had a favorite-filled setlist and kept everyone moving, while Banks delivered a moody set a few hours before. Vance Joy kept all the neophyte folk fans happy when he finally busted out into his smash-hit, “Riptide.” Yelawolf had an explosive set with loud guitars and fast raps. Joywave sounded like a modern day “indie-alternative” band that has a lucrative and bright future. Hozier played a very chill and slow set. There was not really much crowd participation except when his popular songs like “Take Me To Church” when the crowd echoed the lyrics resoundingly. Up-and-coming act New Politics even covered the Beastie Boys classic “Sabotage” which had everyone’s blood pumping.

To cap off the night, Girl Talk, a DJ specializing in mashups and digital sampling, played his set. The set ranges from mashups of Kendrick Lamar and Twisted Sister to Chance the Rapper and The Cure. He continued his tradition of bringing lucky random guests up on stage, one of them being a really good friend of ours, everyone dancing behind him as he performed. To go along with the generic lasers, lights, and huge inflatable hands and feet, there were toilet paper launchers, confetti rockets, and giant inflatable balls filled with confetti to rile up the crowd. Now, Girl Talk was right after headliner, The Offspring; therefore, many people were already leaving. However, there was still a huge crowd dancing, singing, and jumping around having a good time. For a closer, it was a very great one in which many people enjoyed. Girl Talk was one of the best performances of the day/night and easily the most energetic. It was a great ending to a long and loud day.


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