“Purple Reign” Future


Purple Reign Mixtape Review


Released January 17, 2015

Genre: Hip-Hop

Download the mixtape HERE

2015 was an incredible year for Atlanta’s purplest rapper Future. After releasing the beloved DS2 album, he dropped the acclaimed collaborative tape with Drake, titled What A Time To Be Alive. This tape had hit singles that dominated and continue to dominate the airwaves, as well as the Soundcloud playlists. It seemed as if Future was unstoppable, incapable of dropping overlooked material. However, 2016 may not be as fruitful of a year for our beloved Future Hendrix. Purple Reign may deliver the codeine-infused moral depravity that is expected from a Future project, but with extremely disappointing beats and boring flows, this tape falls flat.

DJ Esco and Metro Boomin usually give Future great beats separately, but their collaboration on this tape as co-executive producers is sub-par. A lot of these beats are static and sound half-baked, like “Salute.” Even the Zaytoven-produced “Bye Bye” grates on the ears after one minute.

Future drops the ball lyrically. There’s not a single line I haven’t heard before on one of his previous projects. His delivery is repetitive as well, like in the song “Inside The Mattress,” where he just lifts the flow from “March Madness.” There are a few lines that will induce laughing fits, like on “Wicked” where he says he’s been with every attractive girl on Instagram, but there are too many generic “I used to slang” bars. We know you hustled, Future. We know.

Purple Reign will appease hardcore fans of Future, but for those wanting another DS2, the same sense of urgency and hard-hitting beats, will be disappointed.



SCORE: (4.0/10)

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