“Pure Comedy” Father John Misty (QUICKIE)

Father John Misty

Pure Comedy. Album Review

Sub Pop

Released April 7, 2017

Genre: Piano Rock, Singer Songwriter, Baroque Pop

Father John Misty follows up his celebrated second album, I Love You, Honeybear, with the mammoth Pure Comedy, a mostly piano rock-laden affair with monstrously long tracks. Although piano rock, especially compositionally winding piano rock, can be tiring, Josh Tillman uses extremely readable lyrics coupled with his amazing voice to make this one of the most exciting releases of 2017 so far. Both personally and socially critical, Tillman’s essays are accompanied by moving ballads that are well-paced.

This isn’t the joyous and sweet celebration that the last album is, but it’s still an essential listen.


FAV TRACKS: Pure Comedy, Leaving LA


SCORE: 9.0/10

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