“Pseudologia Fantastica” Foster The People

Foster The People

Pseudologia Fantastica Track Review

Columbia Records

Released February 25, 2014

Genre: Indie Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, Psychedelic Pop

Mark Foster has always had a knack for throwing curve-balls at us, in the metaphorical sense. Who would’ve thought that a writer for commercial jingles would end up writing one of the best songs of 2011? No one would’ve. Similarly, off the release of the lackluster “Coming Of Age”, a track off of their upcoming LP, Supermodel, Foster throws a surprise at us by improving on the hooks and incorporating some psychedelic pop into the mix.

Structurally, Foster The People improves tremendously, almost. Instead of using the catchy hook as a placeholder, the band utilizes its appeal to push the listener through the verses, which are all riddled with dizzying synths and wharped guitars. However the affair stops there, for the clumsy and disjointed transition into the piano led coda and prolonged outro gives the song a mistakable, anticipated ending to one of the longest tracks in their discography. But knowing that the band can still add to their sound, gives us hope in their next endeavors, hopefully spiraling into other fields of the psychedelic tangent.

Score: (6.6/10)

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