“Prom King” Skylar Spence (Quickie)

Skylar Spence

Prom King Album Review

Carpark Records

Released September 18, 2015

Genre: Future Funk, Disco, Pop

Ryan DeRobertis has come a long way from producing oddly nostalgic slow jams under the name Saint Pepsi. After signing with Carpark Records and before changing his performance name to Skylar Spence, DeRobertis released “Fiona Coyne,” one of the catchiest songs of 2014. With bright horns and too-damn-sexual guitar, Skylar Spence had set high hopes for the future. More than a full year later, we have Prom King, and while not every song is as much a banger as “Fiona Coyne,” there is plenty of fun to be had for old and new fans.

Long time followers of Saint Pepsi may be expecting bubbly future funk on Prom King, and while that sound does pop up frequently, Skylar Spence is more straight-up pop. Songs like “I Can’t Be Your Superman” and “Can’t You See” are Top 40-ready. However there are plenty of early Pepsi-esque vocal cuts and synths, like the Intro to the album. Another drastic change is DeRobertis’ vocal contributions, which honestly aren’t standout. They are necessary for the songs on Prom King, and the lyrics are stickier than juju fruits, but the delivery isn’t impassioned.

There are many cuts that are “okay” but not great. “Fiona Coyne” is still the best track on the record, but it’s so good that it warrants spinning all of Prom King for other goodies.

FAV TRACKS: Intro, Can’t You See, Fiona Coyne


Score: (6.9/10)

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