“Process” Sampha


Process Album Review

Young Turks

Released February 3, 2017

Genre: R&B, Alternative R&B

The first time I heard Sampha was on Drake’s 2013 album Nothing Was The Same (what an awful introduction). I thought, “what I nice voice” and thought nothing of it afterwards. Flash forward almost 4 full years to the release of Sampha’s debut LP, Process. What is on this debut has made me feel ashamed for not hearing this guy’s previous output, because what is on here could truly be the future of pop music…

…which is a conclusion that I had no idea that I was going to make after hearing the first two songs off this album. “Plastic 100C” and “Blood On Me” both were convincingly sung, but the beats were too spacey and distant. “Kora Sings” is the third track and starts the momentum for Process. The string arrangements are indescribably innovative. The busy and syncopated percussion reminded me of my favorite moments of Craig David’s early songs but with more down-to-earth singing. This singing style greatly contrasts the almost frenetic and spacey production all over this album.

“Take Me Inside” is another gorgeous piano-based tune. The pitch-bending of the piano matches Sampha’s quieter singing style perfectly. This is the type of song people like Charlie Puth with they could make. Which brings me to the theory that Sampha’s sound on this album in indicative of the sound that mainstream pop and R&B will take on in the near future. This does not sound totally different from FKA Twigs’ debut album, which definitely influenced some production in mainstream pop thanks to producers like Arca. Be on the lookout for Sampha in the near future, because this is truly something special.


FAV TRACKS: Kora Sings, Take Me Inside, Reverse Faults


SCORE: (9.0/10)

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