“Prima Donna EP” Vince Staples

Vince Staples

Prima Donna EP Review

Def Jam Records/ Artium

Genre: West Coast Hip Hop

Released August 25, 2016

Long Beach based Vince Staples follows up his acclaimed debut from last year with a short collection of hard-hitting and all-too-real personal accounts on the new Prima Donna EP. Despite a few odd beat choices and a few useless features, Vince lays down viciously insightful bars about growing up in the ruthless Norf Norf.

After a short and eerie spoken word intro sampling “This Little Light Of Mine,” the project dives in the the James Blake-produced “War Ready,” featuring an Outkast sample at the start of the track. Vince dives into the chorus before delivering nihilistic rhymes about how “Heaven, Hell, free or cell,” it doesn’t matter. He still feels like a slave in today’s society, especially in the music industry where he’ll only see love and support if his music is easily digestible and popular. The almost reggaeton-sounding beat creates a sense of danger in the track which helps Vince’s message translate. His dangerous existence is further described in songs like Loco, which deal with depression, and Primma Donna, which goes deeper into his violent thoughts. All of his songs are vitriolic and concerning, which has always worked for him in the past and still works on this project. However, a couple of the beats are odd and don’t fit with Vince’s style, not to mention the features are lackluster on Prima Donna.

“Loco” features an obnoxious contribution from Kilo Kish. Her delivery is very whiny and sounds like a “nanny nanny boo boo” taunt. Enough said. A$AP Rocky‘s contribution to “Prima Donna” is just him saying “once you get addicted to it” over and over. “Smile” has a cheesy electric guitar-based beat which reminds me of Imagine Dragons. Other than that, Prima Donna foreshadows more great releases from young Staples.



FAV TRACKS: War Ready, Pimp Hand


SCORE: (8.5/10)

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