Slightly Stoopid

“One Bright Day/Rolling Stone/Come Around/The Prophet/Life Rolls On” Track Review

Stoopid Records

To Be Released: June 30, 2015

Genre: Reggae, Reggae Rock, Hip Hop

Slightly Stoopid recently announced plans to release a new album this summer entitled Meanwhile…Back At The Lab. Luckily for Pretty Neat Grooves readers, I was given the opportunity to listen to a few tracks before the release. Here’s my premature evaluation.

“One Bright Day (feat. Angel Hunte)”

This track is a piece of chill, acoustic pop featuring vocalist Angela Hunte (she helped co-write “Empire State of Mind” By Jay Z). There’s no rapping present in the song, as intricate ukelele leads weave in and out along the gentle croonings. This will definitely be one of the most relaxed songs on the album. Nothing too amazing, but really good nonetheless.

“Rolling Stone (Alt Version)”

The grooves come back around here, along with a wester twang and some harmonica leads. This is your typical Slightly Stoopid sound and fans will definitely love this one. But it’s titled an Alternate Version, so there’s more to come once the album drops.

“Come Around” [PNM]

Reggae! There’s a big ska influence, and once again it’s the typical Slightly Stoopid sound here. The atmosphere is a lot bigger and noticeable on this track, and the melodies are incredibly infectious as trumpets permeate the atmosphere. I’m digging it so far.

“The Prophet”

This one is a little different. It starts off with a ska/skate punk vibe, brought in with an acoustic guitar. The song is eerily similar to that of a Sublime song, but those comparisons have already been made. Once again, it’s the same old, same old with Slightly Stoopid meaning that this track is incredibly enjoyable, but not adventurous.

“Life Rolls On” (Available On iTunes!) [PNM]

Very bluesy. This track is a great maturation in the band’s sound as saxophones usher in keyboard and guitar melodies along a solid hip hop beat. There’s a strong UB40 vibe here, especially with the slightly (no pun intended) reverberated vocals. The song get a bit repetitive and a little one-noter, but it’s a great formula they’re working with and I can’t complain.

Slightly Stoopid are a quintessential summer band, so they’re sound stays the same. They’re enjoyable, fun, and overall relaxed but there comes a time when a band needs to shake things up a bit, and Slightly Stoopid proved to do so on a few tracks. Am I anticipating the album? Sure, but I’m hoping to hear more from this band in terms of instrumentation and songwriting. Nothing to get wild about, but something to look forward to as summer vacation rolls around.



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