“Prayers/Triangles” Deftones


Prayers/Triangles Track Review


Released February 4, 2016

Genre: Shoegaze Metal, Alternative Metal

Sacramento alternative-metal mainstays Deftones are back with a new single in preparation for Gore, the highly-anticipated follow-up to Koi No Yokan. “Prayers/Triangles” is a deviation from the heavy guitar riffs on Koi, but it’s an interesting preview for what’s to come on Gore. 

The performances from the band is tight but not robotic as Chino Moreno delivers soaring and mystic lyrics about gods and angels. The lyrics are very ambiguous and could use slightly more explanation or at least more words to get a sense of the picture Chino is trying to paint. Stephen Carpenter’s guitar melodies are entrancing per usual, while Sergio Vega’s bass digs into the soundscape. Abe Cunningham’s drum performance isn’t as flashy or fill-laden which would’ve been nice but at least the drums aren’t distracting.

According to the track listing, this is the first song on the album. This feels more like an interlude track, but maybe Deftones are going for a more subdued album OR Gore will increase in heaviness and intensity as it progresses. The ambiguous lyrics might be explained too.


SCORE: (7.1/10)

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