“Plays The Music of Twin Peaks” Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu

Plays The Music of Twin Peaks

Polyvinyl/Bella Union

Genre: Experimental Rock, Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise Rock, Jazz(?),

Released April 16, 2016

Noise pop/experimental rock outfit Xiu Xiu have been making provocative and notorious waves with their disturbing and raw records of drone and dark ambient of the experimental nature. Their latest record however, is a set of reimagined and creatively covered tracks from David Lynch’s critically acclaimed 90s cult TV series Twin Peaks. Xiu Xiu masterfully insert their musical aesthetic into Angelo Badalementi’s iconic compositions giving these songs an entirely new form, and a new face of the surreal.

Classic tracks like “Laura Palmer’s Theme” and “Audrey’s Dance” are covered with added atmosphere by way of insidious instrumentation and production  (synths, bells, reverb). While the songs on the original soundtrack were equally as sinister and spooky, these new songs come off as overtly disturbing and surreal. Now, fans of the show know Lynch’s trademark off-kilter tone amongst his work like in Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, which had a subtle yet undeniably unorthodox feel with the performances and tone of the aforementioned films. Xiu Xiu’s blatant twist on the songs takes away the obliqueness and subtlety of Badalementi’s original compositions. While this is a minor flaw, the songs still do their job to create a foggy, surreal, and unnerving atmosphere as delivered in the world of Twin Peaks.

The album’s highlight “Falling” changes the once crystalline and ethereal vocals with disturbingly disfigured vocals that give the song a whole new feeling of haunting doom. With noise rock tendencies and some bonus imaginative tracks (“Josie’s Past”), Xiu Xiu masterfully and tastefully pay homage to the world of Twin Peaks, while making it just as disturbing, dark, and powerful as their own records. If you’re a fan of the show and soundtrack, this is a record you don’t want to miss!


FAV TRACKS: Laura Palmer’s Theme, Into The Night, Audrey’s Dance, Packard’s Vibration, Blue Frank/Pink Room, Dance of the Dream Man, Falling, Josie’s Past

LEAST FAV TRACK: Love Theme Farewell

SCORE: (8.6/10)

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