“Nonstop Feeling” Turnstile



Nonstop Feeling Album Review

Reaper Records

Released January 13, 2015

Genre: Hardcore Punk



Turnstile has always delivered music chock-full of interesting grooves and spunky attitudes. However, on their debut full-length, Nonstop Feeling, the band delivers mediocre lyrics, misplaced clean vocals and uninspired riffs.

Lyrics are my main gripe on this record. The choruses on most of the album are just boring repetitions of random phrases. “Gravity” repeats “I keep me down” way more times than necessary, and “Out of Rage” just repeats “out of rage” a few times each chorus. “Addicted” rehashes every cliché line that could possibly be in a song called “Addicted,” like “Give it to me! Give it to me!” Musically, a select few of the guitar and bass riffs stand out (i.e. Drop), but most of it is too bland.

The groove saves the day for a few tracks, however. “Can’t Deny It” follows a great opening riff with funky riffs and spunky lyrical delivery. “Bleach Temple” has a great riff as well, and showcases the band’s ability to play tightly. “Love Lasso” is a total oddball, since it’s pretty much an instrumental classic Soul track, but it’s lovable nonetheless.

This isn’t terrible, but it does feel like some of the spice from previous efforts is missing.

FAV TRACKS: Can’t Deny It, Bleach Temple, Love Lasso

LEAST FAV TRACK: Gravity, Bad Wave, Addicted

SCORE: 4.9/10

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