“No Room For Light” Fevers


No Room For Light Album Review


Released August 27, 2013

Genre: Dance-Rock, Indie-Pop, Indietronica, Alternative Dance

Ottawa Dance-rockers Fevers make an absolutely essential album for anyone that wants to hear a band that’s going to make it big. The five-piece group (who personally contacted us to review their music) have dropped a very solid project, a project that makes you dance, that makes you think, and, most importantly, makes you feel.

From the opening track, “Autumn’s Dead,” you know you’re in for a really cool listen. A somber piano is played while very impassioned vocals soar through the air, like the swirling leaves of autumn are whisked about by the wind. The track climaxes as the tight drums, rocking guitars and bouncing synths evoke cheery yet real images in the listener’s mind. Other tracks like “Look Alive” showcase the bands ability to not stick to one style; the band doesn’t rely solely on the fact that it has synths and guitars to be interesting, these guys actually know how to write hooks that coalesce smoothly with every instrument. Also, the band has an appreciation for grooviness, clearly evident on the track “Dance Cry Dance,” which will have listeners bouncing in their chairs and mouthing the words to the chorus.

The group clearly takes influence from indietronica greats, such as The Postal Service, yet has their own flair and capacity to be diverse that makes them stand out amongst the crowd. However, on a very slight occasion do they become somewhat cheesy. The track “They Want Blood” starts out promising, with a driving and steady mid-paced rhythm, but then the overly bright synths over encumber the listener. It’s not by any means a bad song, and many people love this style, it’s just going to pester a select few listeners.

Like I said, you need to give this band love, because they ARE going to be that band that “I knew before they were popular.” It’s inevitable, and they should be proud, because they are going oh so many places.


FAV TRACKS: Dance Cry Dance, Autumn’s Dead, Look Alive, They Don’t Lie
LEAST FAV TRACKS: Pray For Sound, They Want Blood

Score: (8.5/10)

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