“Nightmare Logic” Power Trip

Power Trip

Nightmare Logic Album Review

Southern Lord Records

Released February 24, 2017

Genre: Crossover Thrash, Thrash Metal

It’s been almost 4 full years since the last Power Trip full-length. A lot has happened between them for the band:  from touring with heavy metal titans like Anthrax and infamous NPR video segments. In a tumultuous time, Power Trip return with a cleaner, a less reverb-soaked album than Manifest Decimation; but one thing hasn’t changed: the fist-to-the-face aggression is still paramount and the band still rips.

Arthur Rizk is still at the producer’s helm of this project, but his different approach from the cavernous and purposefully overwhelming sound of the last PT album has a positive effect on Nightmare Logic. Every dive-bomb and half-time drum beat is heard loud and clear with just enough echo to have every note stick. Riley Gale’s howling screeches ring out even clearer than previous PT efforts. Power Trip are also experimenting with different types of song structuring on this new album. The title track has an interesting break down mid-song where instead of just slowing everything down the drums play a slow and more methodical beat while the guitars play a mid tempo riff. The effect is ground shaking and groovy as all heck. “Waiting Around To Die” has a bait and switch intro where the hard riff in the very beginning switches before the vocals come in. It also has a great mosh call (Now Watch It Go!).

The album is as fun as a crossover thrash release can be, albeit a little short. It’s eight tracks over a brisk thirty-two minutes, but thankfully not a single note is wasted. Nothing genre-defining is happening here, but it’s more solid than probably any other record of this style in the past few years. Enjoy!


FAV TRACKS: Firing Squad, Nightmare Logic, Waiting Around to Die

LEAST FAV TRACK: Soul Sacrifice (barely, just not big into the intro riff)

SCORE: 8.8/10


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