“NAKAMARA” Nakamara


NAKAMARA Album Review


Released October 5, 2016

Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz, Indie Rock

Denton has always been the best kept not-so-secret in the North Texas music scene. You can find fantatsic tunes of any persuasion in “Little Austin.” Nakamara is a band bringing old sounds with a new flair. The mixture of indie rock and jazz creates a cozy concoction.

Even though this is an early release from the band, the production is slightly fuzzy enough to be intimate, but the instruments ring out clearly. The silky smooth bass lines sound solid over the demonstrative drums and guitar, while the vocals are peppy. Speaking of instrumentation, Nakamara are all skillful musicians. The drums are flashy, especially on “Omega,” where the drummer peppers the track with frantic cymbal licks. The guitars and bass are dynamic throughout. “All My Sleep” showcases the most entrancing interplay between the instruments. It sounds like what the most aspirational jazz club band would want to sound like, but can’t; silky smooth but fun.The guitars prance over the drums and the bass is driving with verve to an impressive degree.

This is a fun listen and foreshadows great things to come for this new Denton band. We have our BADBADNOTGOOD here in Texas, but it’s cuter. Deal with it.

FAV TRACKS: Pillow Talk, Omega (Hottest Summer Ever)

LEAST FAV TRACK: Silver Linings (The Quintessential Banger)

SCORE: (7.2/10)

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