My 2015 In Music: Drew Curran

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Top 10 Albums:

  1. To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar
  2. Currents – Tame Impala
  3. In Colour – Jamie XX
  4. I Love You, Honeybear – Father John Misty
  5. Sound & Color – Alabama Shakes
  6. Depression Cherry – Beach House
  7. Carrie & Lowell – Sufjan Stevens
  8. Summertime ’06 – Vince Staples
  9. Vega Intl. Night School – Neon Indian
  10. Goon – Tobias Jesso Jr.

Honorable Mentions: Compton – Dr. Dre, SremmLife – Rae Sremmurd (#sremmlife), Multi-love – Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Barter 6 – Young Thug, B4.DA.$$ – Joey Bada$$

Top 25 Songs:

from the album

  1. “Alright” – Kendrick Lamar
  2. “Let it Happen” – Tame Impala
  3. “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) (ft. Young Thug & Popcaan)” – Jamie XX
  4. “Should Have Known Better” – Sufjan Stevens
  5. “Don’t Wanna Fight” – Alabama Shakes
  6. “Blacker The Berry” – Kendrick Lamar
  7. “The World is Crowded” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  8. “Norf Norf” – Vince Staples
  9. “Sparks” – Beach House
  10. “Gosh” – Jamie XX
  11. “This Could be Us” – Rae Sremmurd
  12. “Disciples” – Tame Impala
  13. “Señorita” – Vince Staples
  14. “Multi-Love” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  15. “King Kunta” – Kendrick Lamar
  16. “Loud Places (feat. Romy)” – Jamie XX
  17. “Them Changes (ft. Flying Lotus & Kamasi Washington)” – Thundercat
  18. “Run Away with Me” – Carly Rae Jepsen
  19. “I Serve the Bass” – Future
  20. “Used to” – Mutemath
  21. “The Rhythm Changes” – Kamasi Washinton
  22. “Love Yourself” – Justin Bieber
  23. “On GP” – Death Grips
  24. “Constantly Hating” – Young Thug ft. Birdman
  25. “All Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom, Paul McCartney)” – Kanye West

Things I was supposed to review but didn’t fire round:

Hudson Mohawke – Lantern (Strong 7)

This album was the first full length release from one of the kings of bass music Hudson Mohawke.  With his songs with Lunice under the collaboration TNGHT and Apple Commercial-featured “Chimes” in recent memory, Hud Mo dropped a pretty convincing album to keep himself at the top of bass music for a while.  Although the album does not stay compelling throughout, there being a few potholes down the road, the highs on this LP will blast the listener away, with gigantic horns and driving percussion.  Despite the album not exactly living up to the expectations one might have for the Scottish producer, Birchard said the album is truly a compilation of music he and only he wanted to make and it shows.

Listen to: “Scud Books”, “Warriors”, “Kettles”, “Ryderz”, “Very First Breath”

Major Lazer – Peace is the Mission (Weak 6)

If you haven’t heard of any of the songs on this album you’re wrong, as the number 1 streamed song of all time hails from this album.  While “Lean On” was a worldwide hit that really brought Major Lazer to the forefront of popular music, the rest of the album went essentially unnoticed outside of the electronic music world despite some high-profile features in 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, and Ellie Goulding.  Overall, this album seems like a compromise between Major Lazer’s old reggae dancehall style music they originally gained popularity for and a transition into more poppy, accessible electronic music.  In the end, though, this album doesn’t entirely succeed at either, seeming bi-polar at its worst, but in some cases accomplishing a fairly good juxtaposition of the two ideas.

Listen to: “Lean On” (as if you haven’t a million times), “Night Riders”, “Roll the Bass”, “Powerful”

Wavves X Cloud Nothings – No Life for Me (Strong 6)

This collaboration makes perfect sense.  You think one of the artists and the other is not too far in the back of your mind, both serving as one of the other’s top related artists on Spotify, and for good reason.  Both of these bands have critically acclaimed releases in pop/punk field they reside in, leaving one to think that a collaboration would be no different.  The only problem here, is that you’d be wrong.  In many of the songs on this release, the collaboration sounds more like a Frankenstein’s monster of sounds, with different parts (or members) of each band sewed onto another, never really making the full human that was the goal and instead clunking around, a shadow of what it was supposed to be. While the mixture doesn’t reach the success of a well made Arnold Palmer, the collaboration is far from a train wreck, with both of the bands putting forth good work in order to make an album that has music that moves far past mediocrity, but unfortunately falling short of greatness.

Listen to: “How It’s Gonna Go”, “Come Down”, and “Nothing Hurts”

Zedd – True Colors (????)

After a first LP that showed promise in a genre full of the same thing over and over, I really hoped for another solid release in Zedd’s sophomore album, praying that some of his unique musical touches would be cultivated and brought to a new and better light. I was wrong.

Listen to: Don’t listen to any of this album.

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