“More Life” Drake


More Life Playlist Review

Cash Money/Republic Records/OVO Sound

Released March 18, 2017

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Sad Tings Ay

Aubrey Graham’s first full-length release since early 2016, More Life sounds more like a continuation or addendum of the themes established in Views than its own living, breathing creation.  In short, Aubrey Graham teamed up with British artists Giggs, Skepta, Jorja Smith, and Sampha, and released “One Dance (Extended Version)” in the form of a tiresome 22 tracks, clocking in at 82 minutes.  The sad ting is that Views is just as long, and just as boring, yet he released More Life anyway.

OK, so I definitely just generalized the hell out of this playlist, but that’s all it is—Drake back at it again, being Drake.  This music is PERFECT for putting on in the background, even falling asleep to, but not really for listening.  The second that I try to seriously listen to “Free Smoke”, “No Long Talk”, or “Blem”, I can’t help but laugh.  There’s no question that Drake has sold out at this point, when he has to rip flows from small artists—listen to Xxxtentacion’s “Look At Me!” and then “KMT”.  He attempts to remain relevant, collaborating with artists such as Quavo, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Kanye West, all of whom have strong followings in the world of rap, but Drake is still the Taylor-Swift-crooning Apple Music poster boy.  The one thing Drake has going for him with this playlist is variety, working the spectrum from dancehall to grime, even sampling Earth, Wind & Fire’s soulful “Devotion”.

Overall, More Life is not awful, but it doesn’t do anything special. If you like Drake, give it a listen, perhaps you will find a new reason why you don’t typically admit to liking Drake.  If you don’t like Drake, this playlist won’t offend you, but it would never come close to convincing you to like his music. To be honest, I like his music, and this is what More Life did for me.

FAV TRACKS: Free Smoke, Passionfruit, Get It Together, 4422, Fake Love

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Blem, Skepta Interlude, Nothings Into Somethings, KMT

SCORE: 5.0/10

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