“Mankind” Doomriders


Mankind Track Review

Deathwish Inc.

Released October 10, 2013

Genre: Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Rock, Punk

While Converge isn’t active as a band, their bassist Nate Newton fronts the Sludgy punk outfit Doomriders. These fellows specialize in a sludgier brand of punk rock, melding punk ferocity with sludge attributes. Doomriders have a new record entitled Grand Blood hitting shelves on October 15.

Another song that has surfaced online before the actual release date of Grand Blood is “Mankind,” a track with progressive punk tendencies. Kicking off with a nice southern-fried odd-time riff, this ferocious yet melodic monster grabs your ears and pulls them to the netherworld. This is not as dark as some Doomriders tracks, but it certainly is not forgiving either. Newton’s voice is gruff, whisky-soaked and raspy all at the same time, making it very abrasive. It’s not a scream or growl, but it’s oh so close.

The driving drums and additional guitars carry the song through tongues of black flame (how else do I describe it? It’s the netherworld). The chorus acts as a light of hope in this dark cavern, a chorus with even more melodic guitar leads and cleaner vocals. This progression throughout the song is very nice, but the bridge is too short and doesn’t serve a purpose. I would enjoyed it if the bridge had more value, or if it was cut out from the song. Overall, if this is the direction that Newton and Co. are taking on Grand Blood, no doubt in my mind convinces me that this won’t be a great release.


(Score: 8.0/10)

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