The two minds behind one of the summer’s hottest jams have delivered a reggae-inspired cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost” off of his critically acclaimed 2012 release channel ORANGE. Listen below.“free DL for all the lazersquad cuz we love u,” Major Lazer’s Diplo wrote on Twitter.

While I’m on the topic of Frank Ocean, let me ask this: WHERE’S THE ALBUM FRANK?!?! WHERE IS IT?

We’ve been patiently waiting for three long years and still NO album? Sure you did a well-received (but in my opinion, a really disappointing) feature on the new John Mayer album. And you gave us a lof-fi “preview” of a new song.

Also, what’s this? Are you in the studio with THE BASED GOD, HIS HOLINESS himself???


Sourec: Lil’ B’s tumblr

Releasing a snippet of track is fine, but if you’re working with HIS HOLINESS LIL’ B then don’t keep us waiting. Give us Boys Don’t Cry NOW.

Kanye, you’re next.

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