“Love Death Immortality” The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob

Love Death Immortality Album Review

Glass Air Records

Released February 11, 2014

Genre: Glitch, Electronic Rock, EDM, Dubstep

The Glitch Mob is one of the most quintessential glitch hob groups in music.  After their last album, Drink the Sea, they rocketed to fame, bringing their brand of IDM to a place of success unseen by their peers.  The Glitch Mob is best described by their name, their glitch, quirky synths and deep bass hits characterize their style.  Love Death Immortality, their sophomore album, ideally would be the next step in a great precedent set by their first LP.

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the way things turned out.  They start off their album with Mind of a Beast, which impressed me, introducing a nice new synth as the theme of the song, and a Fistful of Silence style bass line that punches the listener in the gut.  I had high expectations for this album after such an intro.  As the second song came around, The Glitch Mob introduces their first in a line of all female feature vocalists in Aa Volkman.  This song was also a good salute to their old album, with some synths sounding the same as the ones from Drink the Sea, and the same bass as before to boot.  I accepted this consistency still seeing it as a welcome repetition to their old album, but as I kept listening to the album, I recognized it again, and then again, and then I sat in silence after finishing the LP, wondering when they were going to switch up the style.  I was disappointed.

After such a promising debut LP, The Glitch Mob fell short as a group.  They fail in more ways than one to live up to the expectations that I had for them. All of the idiosyncratic sounds that I was accustomed to from them as a group were absent, leaving a void in what should be a glitch hop album.  They seem to have forgotten their roots, and just went strait to a dub steppy style, dropping the same bass line in each of their songs, with only a little variation in songs like Can’t Kill Us that begins guitaristic in style and Skytoucher with an odd percussive intro.  With that in mind, the songs go on to fall in line behind the rest, dropping tremendous bass hits.

Now, I am in no way saying this album is bad.  The quality of each of these songs and the way they are produced impressed me immensely.  Despite the repetition, it is hard to resist not to bob your head at each of the drops in every song.  They might have become redundant, but they did not fail to impress me in their capacity to make quality music that I wouldn’t mind listening to, as long as its not consecutive.

FAV TRACKS: Skullclub, Can’t Kill Us, Becoming Harmonious

LEAST FAV TRACKS:  Beauty of the Unhidden Heart, Skytoucher

Score: (6.4/10)

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