“I’ve Been So Lost For So Long” American Football

American Football

I’ve Been Lost For So Long” Review

Polyvinyl Records

Released on August 23th, 2016

Genre: Emo, Indie Rock

It’s been 17 years since seminal emo band American Football has released a full-length. However, 2016 will bring not only a new president but also a new set of songs from one of, if not the most, celebrated indie rock band of all time. In anticipation of the new album, a new song has been released. Although this song has a lot of the winning formula for American Football, it just falls short of rekindling the old magic.

Yes, the pretty twinkly guitar riffs are there. The emotional and earnest singing is there. However, one of my favorite things about American Football in the past is completely ignored here; there is very little progression or changes in ideas. The same riff is barely changed throughout the whole song and none of the “math-y” tendencies from their previous work is present here. There aren’t any interesting drum fills and no interesting time signature changes.

I hope this isn’t indicative of what the entire album will be like. It’s not awful, but it sounds like an average American Football ripoff band. Hopefully October 21, the self-titled album’s release date, will be different

SCORE: 6.5/10

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