Interview With Slingshot Dakota!

Courtesy ofTopshelf Records

I sat down with married indie-rockers Slingshot Dakota, who were on the Cruel Hand, Balance and Composure and Title Fight tour that stopped at the Door last Saturday. These guys deliver very passionate tunes with just their voices, a keyboard and a drum kit. After nervously approaching vocalist Carly about an interview, she (and husband Tom) gladly agreed to talk to me. Here’s what these two lovebirds had to say:

Me: So when did you guys start out?

Tom: In 2003, before I was in the band. Jeff Cunningham was the guitarist, and Pat Schramm was the old drummer. Jeff and Pat left, and I took over for drums. That’s how we became a two-piece.

Me: How did you guys get signed?

Carly: Our first album was self-released, and our friends convinced us to send demos out. One named that kept coming up was Topshelf Records. We talked to them, waited for a long time, then got signed.

Me: So you guys know Seth Decoteau, right?

Tom: Ya, he’s a good friend.

Me: We’ve talked with him before, he’s a really cool guy! All the bands on Topshelf seem awesome! Can I make a slight imposition?

Carly: Go for it…

Me: Can you tell Mr. Decoteau that I said hi, as well as Pianos Become The Teeth and You Blew It!?

Tom: Pianos is amazing.

Me: I know! They opened my mind up to screamo.

Carly: We could probably text them right now!

Me: Thank you so much, we’re big fans! Anyway, what’s one thing that is awesome about being in a band on the road all the time?

Tom: For me, it’s getting to spend more time with Carly, and doing what we love.

Carly: For me, it’s spending time with Tom.

Me: Alright, just a couple more questions, because Title Fight is up next, and I know you guys wanna see them.

Carly: They’re awesome! And ya, the sound-checks on this tour have been really quick.

Tom: We love every band on this tour, and we want to support them.

Me: This is like the first tour I’ve seen where every single band has blown me away. I mean, you guys killed it, Cruel Hand made it nasty, and Balance and Composure…

Tom: They’re incredible.

Me: I know! I’d never listened to them before this tour, and that’s a huge mistake. So what do you guys listen to for musical inspiration?

Carly: Well, the bands on this tour, haha! We like Into It. Over It. We’re also appreciative of our local hardcore scenes. I grew up in Long Island.

Me: Who are your best friends on Topshelf?

Both: The World Is A Beautiful Place, Tancred.

Tom: That girl can sing…

Me: I was listening to one of her songs on the sampler this morning. Blew me away.

Carly: Ya, she’s great.

Me: So where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

Both: Hopefully still around, doing what we love.

Me: What’s the one question that no one asks that you wish they would ask?

Tom: Why do we do what we do?

Me: Why do you do what you do?

Tom: It’s been a large part of my life, and I can’t see life without music. I might even want to do electronic music.

Carly: You gotta figure that out first.

Me: Well guys, thanks for the interview, it really means a lot. We’ll send you the link, follow us on twitter, Facebook, all that good stuff. Hashtag Keep It Neat! Please say hi to everyone for us!

Both: Will do!

Keep an eye out for Slingshot Dakota, follow them on Tumblr, and pick up “Dark Hearts,” out now on Topshelf Records.

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