Interview With Old Ivy!

How did you guys start?

Our singer Stroef (who played the guitar back then) and our guitarist Cedrik played in a band together when they were about 15 years old or something like that. When Cedrik quitted that band they asked me to fill in on the guitar so I agreed. It didn’t took long to split the band but about a year later, Cedrik and I began talking through internet because we didn’t know each other in real life. We shared the same ideas so we decided to start a project together. The genre and the bandname changed a lot through the years but since 2011-2012 it became Old Ivy as Stroef joined the band. Also Lisa (bass) and Brecht (drums) completed the line-up that year but since 2013 Laurent joined us on bass and Frederic on drums.

Who are your influences?

Kevin: Our influences vary a lot ! From Code Orange Kids to Oathbreaker, from Have Heart to Touché Amoré. We just don’t want to be put in any genre like ‘Yeah, Old Ivy is definitely a melodic band. No doubt about that.’ So that’s why we have so many bands as our influences.

Lorang: The biggest influences for me to play Melodic Hardcore are Crooks, Climates, The cold Harbour, The Smiths, Insomnium, Skid Row and My Emotions

Belgian hardcore has been getting a lot more recognition in the US (Oathbreaker, Hessian). Why do you think that is?

Kevin: I don’t know, maybe the darker sounds? It feels like this genre is haunting you when you listen to it. It sounds heavy, dark but it feels like you’re in another dimension when you hear them live. On stage they always wear clothes in black and white and stuff like that, that makes it more dark. They are very known and rightly so ! They deserve it.

Lorang: I think that is because hardcore is getting more popular than ever in Belgium and so by supporting Belgian bands, those bands can get to places. Also the internet is a great way for bands to get recognition

What do you aim to do with your music?

Kevin: We don’t claim anything. We started this as a hobby and it’s still a hobby. We’re not that big but it feels good when you hear some people say : ‘That or that song from you guys really touches me.’ We just want to do some (little) tours and when people are angry, happy, sad, … just come along and sing, yell, jump, dance, but most of all : feel free to do whatever you like if you don’t hurt anyone else with it. Every gig we say this : ‘Equality is the soul of liberty.’

Lorang : Be happy, Living my dream..

If we wanted to book you (for example, in a house show or basement show) how would we do that?

You can contact us through facebook (it’s the most efficient way) or through e-mail :

Do you have any upcoming releases?

We’re now busy recording a single called ‘Coals’ which will be released as a music video. It will be way harder and darker than our other releases but there’s still a melodic touch in it.

Do you plan to tour the states?

Kevin: Not yet because that’s a big project for us to come over because most of us are still students. So to get your stuff in the U.S., tickets for the flights, and things like that, it would be too expensive right now. But in the future, we would very much like to come over to the U.S.!

Do you listen to any music that is unlike your own?

Kevin: I listen to instrumental music like Mono or Sleep Dealer. Or punk rock like Rise Against. Most of the time bands with very good lyrics or bands with no vocals in it. Bands with vocals but shitty lyrics don’t mean much to me, I must say.

Lorang: All kinds of metal and hardcore, K-pop and J-rock are really awesome! I also like Traditional Indonesian music. Rap and Jazz.


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