Interview with Lord Byron!


by Michael White and Jon Birondo

Poignant and personal, Dallas rapper Lord Byron opened his mind up to the audience at the North Texas Hip Hop Showcase on January 10. After an electrifying performance at the showcase, Lord Byron agreed to answer a few questions about his origins and inspirations:

PNG: How did you discover that you wanted to rap?

Byron: It was more less discovery and more so destiny even though that sounds extremely cheesy. I never in a million years thought I would rap I wanted to draw and create characters for cartoons. I always wrote raps for fun just being smothered in the culture but eventually it turned into something unexplained.

PNG: What are your biggest musical/non-musical influences?

Byron: Jay Z, Basquiat, Malcolm X, Kanye West, Khalil Gibran, Bjork, Marlon Brando, Stew Brrd, Thomas Welch, Nas, Fat Bastard from DSR

PNG: How did you assemble your band? They sounded super tight.

Byron: Those are my Jazz friends that i met through another friend named Rami who’s a member of Billie Gang (a Dallas based Hip Hop collective) they did me a huge favor even though they were happy to do so

PNG: What music are you currently listening to?

Byron: Chief Keef’s Almighty So mixtape, Bjork’s Debut, and Mile’s Davis’s
Kind Of Blue

How do you approach songwriting and What advice do you have for an up-and-coming MC.

I only write when I feel like it of feel inspired, I never rush the writing process so it could take me 5 mins to write 2 verses or 2 months to write 5 bars. It’s all about making the most perfect song possible. And as far as advice ….idk I’m not famous yet I’m still up in coming haha but ummmm just study the game before you enter it, study the culture, study the people affiliated with the culture, study the music, then rap with the mentality to make the greatest product possible. That’s it

You can check out his work on his website.

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