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Our dear friend and colleague John Jackson sat down with 1/2 of the acclaimed noise pop duo, Sleigh Bells after their show Saturday night (10/26/13) at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas in support of their new LP, Bitter Rivals. Here’s what she had to say to some of our questions!If you are unfamiliar with Sleigh Bells, click here for some background info! (Click “Sleigh Bells” for their website)
PNG: About the new album that just came out, did you have any specific goals when you started writing new music? Or did you just go with whatever came to you?
Alexis: You know, we never approach albums with strategic visions. It’s always more about what ends up happening, and the songs come out really spontaneously. We were feeling really positive and really energized, so we wanted to make music that reflected that positivity, and reflected that energy. Because Reign Of Terror was a bit melancholy, you know, sort of surrounded by gloom and darkness, so our intention was to make a record that was reflective of how good we were feeling, and I feel like it has a lot of that fun energy.PNG: A lot of our blog readers are students and young adults. When you were growing up, what kind of music did you listen to?

 I listened to a lot of different kinds of music. My dad was a huge soul fan, so I listened to a lot of Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, and Etta James, people like that. Every single girl group, from The Shangri-Las to… I mean literally like every single Phil Spector girl group. Motown. And then I listened to a lot of Zeppelin, a lot of Bowie, a lot of The Clash, and then I listened to a lot of pop music too. I was always a big fan of Cindy Lauper.PNG: And you guys played with her!Alexis: Yeah, I sang with her! But yeah, it was really diverse, and I think that’s super important, to listen to as many genres as possible

Did you play music growing up? When did you start singing?

Alexis:I was singing from the time I was- before I could speak. My father’s a musician so it was always part of my upbringing. I was always either singing with him, performing with him, and then I got into musical theater. Music has always been a really integral part of who I am.

PNG: And when it comes to music, do you have any guilty pleasures? If so, what are they?

Alexis: I don’t believe in guilty pleasures with music, I really don’t. I think that everything has a certain merit to it. I never feel embarrassed or shy. I grew up singing in a girl pop band, and I felt embarrassed by what I did for a long time, because I would go to punk shows, be listening to The Clash, and then be playing bubblegum pop music, and I decided to never ever be embarrassed by anything I listen to.

PNG: What is your favorite Sleigh Bells song?

Alexis: Currently, I’d say probably Love Sick.

And what artists should fans of Sleigh Bells be listening to?

Alexis: I’ll answer this one on behalf of Derek. He’s been listening to Krewella a lot lately. I know she’s up and coming, so check her out.

That’s it! Big thanks to John and Sleigh Bells for making this HUGE endeavor happen! Good Luck to Sleigh Bells on their tour as well as their future albums! #KeepItNeat

Just as she said ” I think that’s super important, to listen to as many genres as possible”, keep expanding those musical barriers; strive to be open to all kinds of music!

Be sure to pick up Sleigh Bells’ Bitter Rivals as well as their other releases Treats and Reign of Teror on their website here. I guess you could say they’re…Pretty Neat. Thanks again Sleigh Bells and I hope to personally see you guys live one day and have a more formal interview as well!

– Jon Birondo
Co-Founder, Main Writer

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