"Hurricane (feat. Julien Kelland)" Danny Darko

Danny Darko

“Hurricane (feat. Julien Kelland)” Track Review

Danny Darko Management

Released 2015

Genre: Pop

It’s pretty rare that a single track gets me completely on board with an artist. This does happen; it’s just rare because one song is not usually enough of a sample. Even more rare than that, obviously, is a track getting me interested in following the careers of two artists. I can safely say I didn’t expect it to happen when I started to listen to “Hurricane ft. Julien Kelland” by Danny Darko. There was no reason for me to place that much stock in a song by an unknown DJ and someone else I’ve never heard of. It did happen, though, and this track is something special.

“Hurricane” was put together impeccably well, from all ends. Darko is a talented producer and DJ; the beats and overall mood of the song are perfect, never overbearing. Many new DJs tend to go overboard, making sure that they’re ‘recognized,’ but Darko fortunately knows the true path to recognition is simply creating good content. Of course, the real standout of “Hurricane” is Julien Kelland. While she never has to stretch her vocal muscles too much, it’s clear Kelland’s voice is something special. Soft but never weak, Kelland is unique and has a real future in music.

Quite plainly, “Hurricane ft. Julien Kelland” by Danny Darko is a successful track. After listening to this, I’m interested in seeking out more work by these artists, and I’d definitely love to see more collaborations between Kelland and Darko. No, it’s not a groundbreaking, amazing song that I’ll be listening to daily for the next ten years, but I certainly enjoyed my listen.

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