“Humanz” Gorillaz


Humanz  Album Review


Released April 28, 2017

Genre: Alternative Hip Hop, Electronic, R&B

Damon Albarn’s cult classic music project Gorillaz return to the scene with a star-studded, jam packed fifth record. Poised as “an emotional response” to the political climate of the world (particularly the rather dismal outlook of America), Gorillaz vividly portray a dark world that is, more or less, akin to our own. In true Gorillaz fashion, Humanz is just as eclectic and idiosyncratic as you would expect – with oddball compositions and beats left and right, some paired with unexpected guest musicians. The result is a dance playlist for the gloomiest party on earth.

Albarn gets the job done, offering disparaging lyric after lyric; “thought I could change our fate / I tried again, but this delay / It’s more than I can take,” for instance. While there are a few tracks that shine, Gorillaz rarely make this feel as urgent or demanding as it should. The album stuffed, both in a good way and bad way. While bursting at the seams, in nonetheless feels like some tracks here are filler and insignificant to the ones that play a bigger part. The ambition is admirable, but over-stuffing a comeback record tends to make the experience a slog.

The message is heard loud and clear, but sadly Albarn and Co. fail to make this comeback one to remember.

FAV TRACKS: Ascension (feat. Vince Staples), Saturn Barz (feat. Popcaan), Submission (feat. Danny Brown & Kelela), Charger (feat. Grace Jones), We Got The Power (feat. Jenny Beth)

LEAST FAV TRACK: Sex Murder Party (feat. Jaime Principle & Zebra Katz)

SCORE: 5.5/10

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