“Hot Thoughts” Spoon


Hot Thoughts Album Review

Matador Records

Released March 17, 2017

Genre: Alternative Rock

Spoon having been running the alternative rock gauntlet for the past two decades. The Texas-based group has won over fans by experimenting with many different sounds and this trend continues on this newest album, Hot Thoughts. Although it is impressive that Spoon experiments with enough sounds to prevent them from being stylistically boxed in, this particular brand of alternative rock does not capture my interest consistently.

The title track is multi-layered with pretty simple instrumental tracks, with violins and funky guitars. The vocals are very jumpy, which sounds interesting against this backbeat. It shows that Spoon has cool ideas. I especially appreciate the other songs with funkier guitars, like “Can I Sit Next To You.” This band definitely has a strong sense of groove that propels them through each track. “Do I have to Talk You Into It” features a more aggressive vocal delivery, which sounds nice as well. This song also takes a slight soulful influence.

These other songs aren’t bad, either. It’s just that they aren’t layered with songs that I personally enjoy. Fans of alternative rock in general probably already like this band and will like this album. I guess it just reminds me of all the bad Coachella-flavored new radio alternative rock bands, even though this band pre-dates all of the Foster the Peoples and whatnot. I’m playing the personal bias card, but definitely listen to this one if you think alternative rock music is out of ideas because even I agree that this band proves that thesis wrong.

FAV TRACK: Do I Have To Talk You Into It, Can I Sit Next To You


SCORE: 6.0/10

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