“Hello” Adele


“Hello” Track Review


Released October 23, 2015

Genre: Pop, Orchestral Pop, Soul, Piano Balladry

Adele’s 21 is, without a doubt, one of the most defining pieces of pop music in the past decade or so. Its infectious and sharp fusion of soul, pop, and piano balladry hooked MILLIONS and earned Adele a few Grammys. Her contribution to the James Bond franchise, “Skyfall”, is another smart tune worthy of legacy and praise. However, it’s been three years since we’ve last heard from Adele; and recently she broke her silence, announcing the release of her third LP, 25 on November 22, 2015. To start the single countdown off, Adele has released “Hello,” a return to form for the songstress as she goes back to the basics of 21, but with more bravada and outstanding vocal control. If you really listen hard enough, the song sounds like it was stripped from a movie for the genre mostly settles in film score territory. That’s probably just me though.

Musically, “Hello” is nothing new; the same four chord progression carrying the melody and hook to atmospheric heights; the narrative and lyrics are personal and love-based; and Adele’s voice is incredible as usual. With this glimpse, not much can be said about a drastic, or subtle, change in Adele’s music. Eager for a different sound and something new, fans are greeted (pun intended) with a basic and enjoyable Adele song: strong hook, climactic buildup, and emotional catharsis. Just the way we like it.

SCORE: (6.5/10)

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