“Hang” Foxygen


Hang Album Review


Released January 20, 2017

Genre: Baroque Pop, Glam Rock

Foxygen’s last record, …And Star Power, showcased the band’s weaknesses in a brazen and blatant fashion. The noisy, chaotic, and experimental tracks sprawled across twenty-four tracks burned fast and got tiring quickly. Foxygen’s strengths shine when replicating sounds of a past era: 60s glam, soft rock, and baroque pop with an eccentric filter placed upon them. Their keen ear for mood and attention to detail make these songs sound gorgeous renditions of pop & rock classics. On their latest, Hang plays on their strengths and showcases a newfound sense of progression bubbling underneath. These songs begin as old-timey callbacks, but are carefully and creatively stretched into fleshed-out pieces that can simultaneously belong in our time, and in the 60s/70s that the duo so lovingly spend their time replicating.

“Follow The Leader” features some shrill horns peppered throughout a patient glam rock romp. It then aptly segues into the rustic “Avalon,” which sounds like it was plucked straight out of Disney’s The Princes & The Frog given the many musical passages it goes through and its overt theatrical feel. “Mrs. Adams” and “America” are both meticulously constructed art rock pieces that show clear thought and passion have been put into these songs; and for once, it feels that Foxygen are creating songs that go past simple imitation. The band’s eccentricity and zany personality is felt in the vocals, temp changes, and instrumental flourishes – showcasing a wide variety of sounds, melodies, and moments to always dive back into.

The album closes with perhaps the duo’s most triumphant songs on Hang: “Trauma” and “Rise Up”. The two songs slowly build and build towards a triumphant climax, with horns to complete and guitar jangles galore, to cap the record off on a glam fashion. Hang is Foxygen at their most accomplished, eccentric, and – at times – ridiculous, showcasing an unbridled voice that is just waiting to burst out of its shell.


FAV TRACKS: Follow The Leader, Avalon, Mrs. Adams, America, Trauma, Rise Up


SCORE: 8.7/10

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