“Greatest Hits” Remo Drive

Remo Drive

Greatest Hits Album Review


Released March 16, 2017

Genre: Indie Rock, Power Pop, Emo

When this website started, I was aggressively listening to bands that were at the time recent additions to Topshelf Record’s roster. Bright and fun 90’s emo (a la Braid, American Football) influenced bands. While those bands are still near and dear to my heart, I felt like that scene was running out of ideas. Remo Drive plays a style of music similar to those bands but with such a strong pop sensibility that it feels fresh. Greatest Hits is a great addition to newer emo-influenced music.

Instrumentally, Remo Drive focuses on creating a memorable song more than they do creating pretty “twinkly” guitar parts. Riffs like the ending chorus riff in “Art School” show that the band puts in the extra effort to create something that is palatable to the ears while still being enjoyably angsty. When the bands switches dynamics, they show their compositional diversity and skills. “Yer Killing Me” is the band’s hot hit single in my area and it actually messages back! This song is a short rollercoaster that is a joyride every single second.

The lead singer’s voice can be a LITTLE trying, which understandably comes with the territory of this style of music. I can’t say that it’s not genuine sounding, however. This band for sure also has more greatness in them for the future; the amount of potential is crazy.

FAV TRACKS: Yer Killing Me, Art School


SCORE: (7.4/10)

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